About Us


Founded in 1966 by Paul Fornicola Sr. and his partner, SAMPAUL Contracting quickly img_1980-1established an excellent reputation within the drywall industry.

Since our inception, SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc. has set a high mark in the industry for pre-construction services, management capabilities, quality of work, and creating outstanding relationships with some of the nation’s largest General Contracting firms, as well as the smaller firms. We have always believed that a happy customer is a repeat customer, so we have established a primary focus on quality control.

SAMPAUL Contracting, now a second-generation business, is celebrating 55+ years of exceeding expectations set forth in the industry.  We are considered one of the fastest-growing most productive interior finish contractors in the region. We are well known across the Tri-State area as the preferred Drywall contractor for any commercial project. Therefore, with a diversified management team and superbly educated field personnel, we can take any project from start to finish.


Our company is built on four foundational principles: true collaboration, flexibility, mindful innovation and commitment. These principles influence not only how we choose to do business but also whom we hire to execute our work.

True Collaboration

We’re not going to have to do business in the space we build, but someone will, so our job simply isn’t complete until the end-user is happy. It’s important to us to be able to understand any project from the perspective of the design team as well as the client. Whether it’s rushing a certain sector of a remodel to accommodate an important meeting or building mock-ups to ensure we’re achieving the architect’s design intent, SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc. puts the customer’s needs right where they ought to be: front and center.


With business – especially the construction business – speeding up more and more these days, it’s important to be able to make quick decisions on the go. That’s why SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc. is so focused on mobility and minimal hierarchy: to allow us to respond to market forces and client needs with lightning speed. While the guys at the big companies need to talk to the boss and the boss’s boss to get a decision made, we have a remarkably flat corporate structure that allows us to make big decisions quickly and efficiently.

Mindful Innovation

Not all progress is necessarily a step in the right direction. While we pride ourselves in accessing the cutting edge of technology, we also recognize that just because something’s new doesn’t mean it’s innovative. You can’t build an office building or renovate a restaurant on an Excel spreadsheet, and we think of relationships the same way: built the old-fashioned way, and built to last.


If you’re not in it for the long haul, why be there at all? We’re utterly dedicated to getting the job done on time and in budget, with no excuses. The way we assess our own work is the way we think most customers would: by judging results. Over 80% of our business comes from repeat customers, who know from experience that we’re completely focused on their satisfaction with our work.

Why Choose Us


At SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc., safety in the workplace is a priority. We take the safety of our employees and that of others working around us very seriously, which is why our policy is to provide our employees with a safe work environment through training and reinforced supervision.


Community Involvement is a core value of SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc.
SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc. is a philanthropic organization dedicated to providing support to a broad range of educational, cultural and community activities. Together, we are enriching lives.


SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc. prioritizes sustainability to minimize energy use and negative environmental impact. Whether our clients pursue sustainability for LEED certification, economical savings or environmental responsibility, SAMPAUL’s integrated services can make it happen.

“We deliver results in a timely manner to keep you on schedule no matter what the circumstance.”


President of SAMPAUL Contracting, Inc.